Coincidences are important. They are a sign of being on the right path

Life is one big paradox
We are given pain so we can learn of Pleasure
We are given lies so we can learn of Truth
We are given hate so we can learn to Love

We are co-creators of our lives. God created everything and left us to choose whatever we want to experience in that “everything”. It is also interesting to note that even though we might seem to make our own choices; these very choices are brought about by the influence of conditions much bigger than our individual mental process

I say that I am free, but I know in my depths that I’m not, I know that something is missing, I know that none of the things that I had been working so hard to acquire are really satisfying, I know that something inside me is empty

I finally understood everything that happened and how and why it happened. All the choices that I made and all the experiences that I’d had fell into meaningful context. It all made perfect sense

To listen meaning: to shut up inside and outside, stop thinking (or at least try), stop adding analysis and interpretations, stop adding assumptions and predictions, judgments and labels, stop interrupting, stop trying to bring up your life story to the conversation, stop any inner or outer activity and just listen

The word “God” has been misused so much over the course of our history. So much hostility is associated with it. People believe in an angry, jealous God who needs our worship and requires our compliance. A God who needs us to do things for him so that he can feel better and grander.

God created us as his worshipers. He created us imperfect and assigned us the mission of trying to be perfect all our lives, failing, and asking his forgiveness, because God likes forgiving. He created humans, created desires, called them temptations, and left us poor humans to fight against our very own nature throughout our existence. As if God did not foresee all that.

God seems to be very overlooking, contradictory and vengeful from the outlook of these stories

There’s no heaven and hell as we limited humans perceive it. The worst hell would be to live and die in separation without God as your reference and constant companion. Heaven would be to finally return back to the arms of God, where we originally came from.

If you think back on your life you will find that every phrase was needed to reach a certain outcome. Since as early as when you were a crawling baby and your quest was to figure out how to walk. There’s always a quest at every stage of our lives. There’s always a question that wants to be answered. And every one of these different desires, questions, and outcomes is part of a grander desire and question and outcome: your life.

Only you will know your life purpose
Ask the universe for help
Ask God for guidance
Place your current life inquiry clearly in the foreground of your consciousness .. and listen. Listen with your heart for you are sure to receive your answers
When you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed, when you are most sensitive and connected, talk to God.
Ask where you should go and what you should do
I guarantee you this, the responses will come and you will get your guiding answers. Just be certain that you will be heard
Know that you will
Know it without fail

I knew beyond suspicion that I was on the right track and that something wonderful was unfolding in my life

The problem with Velo was not only the insane curiosity to find out what it is, but also the fact that it made all other areas in my life slow, dragging, boring, repetitive, uninteresting, dull, tedious, monotonous, and mind-numbing. The mere fact of knowing that there was more to life than what meets the eye renders all things pointless, unless that mystery is touched upon.

Everyone wants something, and I was starting to feel that I want everything. The world says that wanting is bad, that one should be grateful for what he has and not desire much because desire is a bottomless pit that eventually eats you up.
The world says there isn’t more to life than what is already known, and if there is, it’s not for ordinary humans like me to ponder. It is reserved for bigger better people
The world says follow what is deemed sane and normal and things will be fine. Fall short of that and you will be dubbed insane, improper, or failed. Fall short of that and you will be institutionalized.
The world says religion is the way. Belong to one group and go to war with the others. Belong to one group and perhaps go to war amongst that same group
The world says follow the rules, because the rules are safe and safety is needed. There’s no reality to fulfilling impossible dreams and finding real happiness
The world say conform

It was an unquenchable thirst and the more I read the more ignorant I felt. That turned out to be completely unnecessary
If it’s not the right time to read a book, you will come out of the reading with little to no benefit.
I chose the books for many reasons; because I wanted to be acquainted with a certain subject, or to feel great about knowing a lot, or to show off, or simply because the book happened to be available. I chose them for all the wrong reasons. Better yet, the wrongness was in the fact that I chose the books.
This is when I started understanding that you have to be open and let the book choose you. This is when I found out that there is a time for everything, and to figure out that time, all you have to do is wait; silently and in alertness
(You do not choose the book, it chooses you)

It’s not about whether you know more or less, it’s about whether you are ready for the knowledge and whether you will understand it. More importantly, whether you need it. “Knowledge is one side of the coin. Experience is the other”

How useful and real would the knowledge be then?
We are scared of the unknown. We fear anything that we’re not familiar with. But eventually you will gather yourself. Eventually you will splash about until you find your balance. Eventually you will conjure up the knowledge that you’ve learnt and you will swim.

Knowledge is also important because it created in you the desire for experience. When you read about the joy of swimming, you then desire to swim. Desire is everything. It is the driving force of creation and to desire is to create. So desire is to live

It is best to let the right book come to you in accordance with your needs and desires.

The goal of meditation is to quiet the activity of the mind, which is in turn followed by the calming of the body, so that one can experience deeper levels of rest. This allows for vitality, refined perception, and energy

Stress is commonly interpreted as a lot of work, a noisy family, or emotional crap, but in reality, it is all the experiences that the body or mind aren’t yet ready to accommodate. It includes social conditioning and distorted values. It is any polluted air, noisy streets, carcinogens in cigarettes, preservatives in food, anger in conversation, hostility in dealings, even an extra happy undertaking. All that is stress; and it is released gradually through meditation.

Meditation doesn’t add to you anything new. It removes blocks of stress that have been acquired through life. It reveals what is already there. It polishes the window so that the light can pass through. In meditation you transcend physicality and mentality; you go to the source of all creation. You go beyond time and space, beyond thinking and feeling. You go to pure awareness; and then you become it.

You then come out re-energized. You come out replenished and polished with the energy of existence. Peace radiates, and your world follows in your grace. Abundance, effortlessness, and luxury all follow you wherever you go. They’re all jealous of peace. They envy her. They will go after you trying to steal your attention, trying to distract you from her; but you can always call her again from the source. You can always meditate.

Prayer is the same concept. It is a time for you to quiet down and meet creator; a time for you to forget all your individual rubbish and sit down for a cup of tea with God

Anger and frustration are only natural, and the only way to overcome them is to let them be. The only way to transcend them is by allowing them to exist and to be aware of them. Discomfort exists so you can find ways to overcome it and become it and become more comfortable. Pain exists to encourage evolution. It pushes you to grow and experience life as it should be – complete and fulfilled. You can only know what you do want in life by first acknowledging what you don’t want.

Suppressing your anger, would be to prepare it for a larger, more aggressive appearance later on. Feelings need to be expressed. That is not to say that you should be rude or step over other people’s feelings, because that will cause more anger, but to find a way to let it out. Punch your pillow, scream out loud in your car, kick the wall. Do whatever it takes to express it without hurting others. Do not ignore it. Anger knows it is important and it doesn’t like being ignored.
Give it life

There’s a breed of humans who are more evolved than the rest of us and who do have special powers, except that they don’t inherit them. They acquire them. They are the new generation of physical, mental, and spiritual mutation. They are grandly known as the Enlightened Ones

It seems to me that this is where your path is taking you. Hold on to your vision, hold on to the desire to fill the emptiness inside you and the object of your desire will have no choice but to bring itself to you. Seek to know more about the thing you desire so that your wanting of it would gain power and thus bring it forth to your experience.
“Dare to dream, my friend. Dare to dream and your dreams will fall in love with you. They will leave their place in their abstract world of your mind and come to life just to be with you.”

The Newtants
Newtants are humans like you and me. They are in fact more human than any of us. They have simply claimed the completeness and fullness of human life that God has gifted upon us. They have regained what is, by birthright, theirs. They have regained what is, by birthright ours.

Newtants have no fears, they plunge deep into life with arms wide open and meet every pleasure and every challenge head on. They understand that the universe is nothing more than a cosmic joke played by God so he can experience his own grandeur. They know that God expresses himself to himself through himself, because God is all there is. They know full well that nothing lies outside the care of God. And so have left behind petty worries and anxieties, handing them over to him. They know that they own nothing because they are everything and so do not for a moment hesitate to share the world. They are aware of the fact that there’s enough for everyone.

Newtants have discovered that although obstacles are there so we can overcome them, moving forward and growing, there is no need to hold onto them any longer than is required. They’ve given up trying to label feelings and have decided to live and enjoy everyone of them with all they’ve got because they are all transitory and do not last.

To the Newtants, life is a short journey on the beaches of eternity, given to us so we can marvel at the beauty of the Creator and shower in the gifts of his creation

To the Newtants, love is not a choice to make or a decision to take; to the Newtants, love is all there is and it provides them and everyone concerned with the greatest joy and the utmost pleasure.
Newtants never sleep, their awareness never falters. They are awake when they are asleep and alert when they are dreaming. Their minds are unoccupied with the illusion of time. They are free from bondage of the past and fear of the future. They know that they both exist only in their minds. They know, experimentally, that there is only Now, Yesterday was Now, then, Tomorrow, then, will be Now.

The Newtants have no personal will. They have found it to be ever-changing and insecure, and so have decided to claim God’s will as their own. They searched deep within themselves and found that their desires most cherished desires are none other than those of God. They mach on heads held high and full of pride, carrying God’s will because they know that it’s in essence and truth, their own.

Newtants are afraid of nothing and understand everything. They see the same divine spark that lives in their hearts, in everything else in creation, the animate and the inanimate, the near and the far. They have infinite energy and vitality of God, in its purest form, manifested in their lives. They are always joyful, creative, and loving

They experience only short time lapses between their desire and its manifestation. They have claimed their God-given right as co-creators of their lives and as shapers of their destinies. The whole nature bows down to them because they carry God in their hearts. The universe has no choice but to fulfill their dreams and make easy their paths.

When a man becomes a Newtant, God sits back on his throne and smiles knowing that one more human has fully understood what God is doing, why he is doing it, and what he’s all about
When a Newtant is born, God rejoices, for, as always, he has succeeded, and once again someone was there to witness His success.

I just hoped that this wasn’t one of those stories where I discover that the journey is more important than the end, or the chase better than the catch. I understand this, and this is how things are, but still, I want something solid to fill my void and make me feel totally alive once and for all.

I felt complete. I didn’t have any questions, and everything made sense. For a fleeting instant I knew all the answers. I felt happy and I didn’t need to know why. It’s only natural to be happy. Like when you’re healthy, you don’t ask why you’re healthy. It’s only natural. You could ask why you’re sick but not why you’re healthy, why you’re sad but not why you’re happy.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and decided to ignore my mind. It deserved to be ignored. It only confuses me, scares me, frustrates me, and pains me whenever I let it ramble.

Newtants look so different than other humans, they look even more ordinary than most. Like superheroes, they disguise themselves as normal people to avoid unwanted attention.

Why is it that we wish to unify diversity?
Humans want everyone to follow the same religion – their own. They want everyone to be the same race – their own. They want everyone to think the same thoughts – their own. They want everyone to follow the same political regime – their own.
God created the universe in all its diversity as multiple expressions of his single all – encompassing oneness. We have no right what so ever to undo what God has chosen to do. Of course we really can’t and won’t, but for the sake of our illusory superiority and to pamper our feelings of lack and insufficiency, we would like to think so.

It’s not easy for us to accept something we don’t yet understand. Humans are resistant to change, even if that change is for the better. Perhaps this is why the Newtants hide themselves. Or perhaps they just appeared when needed

This obsession took hold of me when I realized that everything that I do was no longer satisfying. Life seems so full of potential and possibility. Yet I can’t seem to master these. I can’t fully enjoy anything. Something is always missing. I can only think of anything that happens to me as good when I look back at it. And as days go by, it seems like the past was better than the present, and at the same time, the future seems even better, or so I hope. I need something immortal, something that would last forever. I feel alive just by facing the unknown. I don’t know what lies ahead but whenever I’m about to lose faith, something happens than pushes me forward. And I feel stronger every time that happens. I feel God by my side. I understand now that I’m probably searching for myself in light of Velo, and this is why I can’t let it go. When I think of myself on my deathbed, I find that nothing that I’ve done so far will matter then. And I want something that will. I want to understand God. I want to know his master plan, or at least one of his smaller plans: mine

Your knowledge of Velo of the existence of something beyond what’s right in front of you indicates that people are starting to suspect that there is something more out there; more to life than this. And this knowledge, by its own nature, will need to be verified by experience. That experience will draw itself to the better of the knowledge, so fulfillment can come to pass.

Humanity is on the verge of a magnificent transformation, a marvelous revolution. The ultimate truth which had been once before reserved only for prophets and for those who took the time to seek it, is now available to everyone of us.
Life is a beautiful thing that has been misinterpreted, and I believe that a reinterpretation is about to take place

Our hearts start whispering to us. They urge is to find out more about ourselves. They urge us to search. We then have a choice to either listen or ignore. Most of us ignore.
We all feel that we are perfect yet cannot find the means to bring forth this perfection. On a deep level, we all feel worthy of each other’s love and of God’s love. We all feel the need to give and receive God’s greatest gift: love. We all want a love that will last forever, a love we can depend on; an unconditional love that will remain with us through our strengths and weaknesses.

When you get to know yourself, you get to know God.

The spiritual quest is still a quest. And what kind of quest would it be without its challenges and difficulties?
I know that it is hard, but you know by now that once you are on this road there is no turning back. Evolution only moves one way: forward.

“Sometimes I miss the bliss of ignorance”
“I do too sometimes, but the bliss of truth is so vast that when it comes it overshadows everything in existence. It creates that push forward that you were referring to, and once you taste it, you become addicted. Nothing else will ever satisfy you again. In fact, you find that you can only enjoy other things when this bliss is present. You begin seeking it and stop at nothing.”

We are always on the right path. All roads lead to Rome. Substitute the word Rome for God, and you have definitive reality. All roads lead to God, simply because God is all there is, was, and every will be. It is only a question of whether we will walk the path consciously or not. The beautiful thing is that once we decide to walk in awareness, all that’s required is that decision to do so. All that’s needed is to state clearly to yourself and to the universe that you intend to grow, to raise your consciousness, to evolve. The rest will take care of itself. Sometime sit might seem that you’ve been abandoned, but you could consider that a test of faith. You will never understand it while it happens because we only see God’s grand design in hand-sight. We only see the bigger picture when we look back at it. When things look dark, fear not. Be open to the world and be lead.

Whatever you do, do not let go of your desire. If you don’t nurture your desires by remembering and acknowledging them, they will die.
Desire and let go, but do not forget.

“I don’t understand how letting go and understanding are different?”
This is how the universe works. This is how God works. To let go is to state the desire, then hand it over to the universe by returning to your daily life and by enjoying the things that are already there. In short, cultivate the desire and make it stronger, and be grateful for what you have.

“What if we treat all our desires similarly. Could we intend them, let go, let God, take action when needed enjoy the moment, and patiently wait? Would they then come true?”
They would – sometimes we have to lose everything before we can ever truly gain
Never forget your desires, never doubt your dreams

I felt much older, wiser. However, at this point, I had a lot to worry about and I discovered that it is in moments like this when human faith is really tested. I had nothing to hold onto and God seemed so far away.

Through tear filled eyes and terror lined perception, the sign I was looking for to save me appeared. It had been there all along, but I only saw it when there was nothing else left to do. This is how solutions come. This is how evolution works. Only when we’ve considered or tried all the wrong paths does the right one emerge.

Pain exists to encourage evolution. It pushes us to point where there’s nothing left to do but give in to it or transcend it. Through this process, we either wither away into the abyss of giving in, or we understand that we create our own pain and are fully responsible for it. We also experience the pain itself which is necessary for us to appreciate the subsequent pleasure

It is said that a true sage is one who has experienced the full range of human emotions and chosen the highest ones

I remember that it is in our moments of greatest pain, that we are most ripe for growth. I remembered that this, too, shall pass, like everything else

Sometimes we have to destroy all hopes of turning back so we can reach our goal. Sometimes second options only serve as hindrances, crippling our decision to move forward.

Does everyone have a master or someone to guide them on their path?
Everyone does. It is not necessarily a direct teacher, but we are all guided to that which we most desire. And what greater desire than to desire God’s face? The teacher could be the next person, the next word, the next thought, the next coincidence, look around and look inside. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear

Everything is perfect the way it is and I need only accept that before I can start seeing it. I’d learnt from meditation that when we evolve, or when we come into contact with divinity in any of its forms, our body starts a purification process that would result in feelings of discomfort and unexplained negativity.

You were chosen as much as you chose to come here

I realized that the beauty of all this was not the religion or the divinity or the presence. The beauty was the union of our souls. We are all in this room, on this planet, together. We stand together and we have nothing else. It is easier to be afraid when alone in the dark, while it feels infinitely safer when someone else is there. And that moment made me realize that someone else is needed there. We are all here together.

We are all after the same thing. God, knowing his own majesty and grandeur, decided he wanted to share himself with someone, So God created us and the angles and the whole cosmos from the depths of his own soul, so he could share his infinity with us. And the game of life began when God created the illusion that made us forget that we came from the depths of his soul. We are born into the world, thinking that we are small separate beings in a hostile place. We are under the impression that we are alone and away from God. We are in a wonderful dream. The whole point of life is for us to eventually return to God, realizing that we never really went anywhere in the first place, simply because there was never anywhere else to begin with.

When we want something, we are only under the illusion that we lack it. How could we lack anything if we came from God’s soul? How could God, the almighty, create anything lacking? Our attempts, as humans, to acquire or become something, are attempts at uniting with that something. All these attempts are different disguises hiding our deep longing for unity with God and our ultimate thirst for returning to Him.
The whole creation exists to quench that thirst
And this illusion, that we’re separate from God, how can I see through it?

That is what your life is all about! You, and only you, can find that out. No friend, book, guru, or master can do it for you. The only necessity is for you to intend it, to desire it with all your heart.

“I’ve already wasted so much of my life on other things. I lost a lot of time”

Nothing is wasted. Everything is perfect. Things are exactly the way they should be. You cannot miss god because there’s nothing else. Life was created to be enjoyed. Deciding to realize the truth now or later or in a million years is irrelevant because eventually we all will. For as long as you want, you can go, and enjoy the wonder of the illusion or you can step out of it and experience ultimate reality. Neither is better than the other so much as dreaming is better than waking. The choice is ours. The outcome is the same.

VELO – here it is
I learned something from everyone in this quest. I understood something about myself an about life from every situation I encountered. The more I know the more I feel ignorant, yet somehow stronger, bigger, more grounded. We are all on different paths to the same destination. Every life is spiritual. Everything is perfect. Then why there is need to do or not do anything?
I feel like I’m the decision maker yet every time I look back I find that everything was planned out by a higher force an the conditions were set in a way that directly contributed to influencing every decision I make. Even my thoughts aren’t mine. But they always feel like they are. And so are my decisions.

We feel the drama of life because we believe it’s real. We believe that we are alone and separate from everything and everyone else, and thus believe that we really do suffer. How can we suffer if we are eternal and immortal?

Sometimes God pushes us away from everything and pushes everything away from us so we can remember him. So we would return to him.

I could have anything I want. Anything. All I needed to do was acknowledge my desires and go back to finding things I enjoy in the present moment and simply do them. All that matters is feeling good without hurting anyone.

If everything is part of a plan, then my part is to wake up, and wake up everyone else I can. The thirst is there. One only needs to know that the water that will quench the thirst exists. The rest will take care of itself.

I am looking into the deeper meaning of life and I’m trying to know my purpose.

Love is the only thing that will make sense out of everything when everything seems chaotic. I’m sure by now you understand that we are not talking about love for a certain object or person or experience, although that type of love is, in itself, glorious. The love you search for and the love we speak of is the one love of God; unconditional, non-judgmental love for everything and everyone in creation, including. First and foremost, yourself

And the more you discover about life the more you realize the power of God. And the more you realize the power of God the more you realize that nothing is impossible.

The search for truth is difficult and the obstacles testing. Be grateful for these obstacles for they are what made life interesting and worth living. Love calls you and me to fight for what we believe is true, assuring us that when the going gets rough it will always be there for us.

I savored the fact that I didn’t need to worry about anything anymore because in the end nothing really could go wrong. All that remained was a huge playground called the universe where I could dream my dreams and then live them. The challenges awaited and so did the bounties.

Not all stories have clear beginnings or clear endings
Life is about the mystery. Its about plunging into the unknown holding onto love and delighting in the excitement of not knowing what’s going to happen next
It’s about seizing the moment and making the best of it

The world isn’t a scary place after all. We humans are all in this together and, no matter what happens, it is comforting to know that we’re all after the same thing.

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